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To build a page with panels, like this one here, you'll need to create an Index Page.

Index Pages are a little different than regular pages, which don't have panels (like our Careers page, atm).

There are also a few neat things that are specific to our template, Pacific, that might be worth reading about.


This is a basic text panel, with basic typography options.

This is normal text.

This is bold.

This is italicized.

This is a link.

This is an h1.

This is an h2.

This is an h3.

This is a list:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3


This is a regular quote.
This is a block quote.

Text panels use a spacer on each side to set the margins of the text. The spacers are set to two grid widths; in other words, they aren't the narrowest size you can make them. They're one stop up from the narrowest.


Any paragraphs (or sections) that have fancy orange text are created with a code block. (Links are automatically orange and underlined).

To update these blocks, you'll need to know a little HTML.

To make more of the fancy orange text, you need to wrap your text with a <span> tag and give the span a special class, orangeText. Here's an example:

<span class="orangeText">Makes your text orange</span>

Will make your text look like this:

Makes your text orange.


Two Column Panel

You can use the spacer above the text on the left to make sure that the left column text is vertically centered with this text here on the right. 

When this panel is viewed on mobile, the spacer above the left text is removed, and the left text is stacked above the this text here on the right.

This is not an exact science...


This panel has an inline image.

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Text controls the height of banner images

(Banner images are full bleed too, just like gallery images.)

Summary blocks rule.

They are great way to display things like pics of our team or a listing of our open positions.

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This panel features a newsletter form. Newsletter forms submit directly to Google Drive and/or Mailchimp.