GEHA provides health and dental plans to more than 1 million federal employees and their families. The organization identified an opportunity to expand their offering to include life insurance, income protection, and accident expense protection. 

Now, there is an overabundance of insurance offerings with the same tired and complicated proposition out there. The world doesn’t need one more. In order for this new offering to be successful, we knew that we needed to reach beyond features and functional benefits to find the profound difference it would make in a life. We knew the offering had to have a purpose to pursue.


Will & Grail led the discovery to unearth the purpose that would inspire people. We proposed that this new offering and the way it was delivered was more than just a way to help people protect something. It’s real power lay in its ability to empower people to move beyond worrying about having to put life on hold, freeing them to fully explore the possibilities that life offers. It was an idea that came to life in the rallying cry, “Life. You got this.”


"Life. You got this." formed the core for how information on the site is communicated. Informal, jargon-free language was developed to help people understand the often confusing landscape of supplemental insurance. By fostering understanding of the products, we aim to empower the customer.


Talking differently about insurance can change the way people think about you. Acting differently can help them believe it. This insight drove our efforts to make the experience of selecting and buying insurance incredibly intuitive and surprisingly uncomplicated. Nothing demonstrates this quite like the whimsical, interactive tool that sits at the heart of the experience, helping you discover the solution that is right for your unique situation.


We launched a suite of engaging and quirky content to support the effort. We knew this kind of help was crucial if we were to fulfill our purpose – to make it incredibly intuitive and surprisingly uncomplicated so people could feel empowered to fully explore the possibilities that life offers.



  • Persona development
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Brand storytelling
  • User experience design


  • Prototyping
  • Copywriting
  • Creative direction
  • Content development
  • Front-end development
  • Systems integration