June Social Media Roundup

Every week on social media we provide motivation, trends surrounding purpose, some of our past work and a whole lot more. Here’s a roundup of some our our posts in the month of June. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to see these and stay up to date!


Each Wednesday, we bring attention to a Web Crush - a company we admire for having identified its core purpose, communicating it clearly and executing it flawlessly. Here is a list of companies we crushed on in the month of June.


This article from Fast Company details how Tesla is changing the way we view cars and driving a shift toward human-centered markets through their purpose of providing cars that better the environment. It’s this purpose-driven strategy - one defined so clearly it’s made the term “electric car” synonymous with the brand - that catapulted the company into the top ten most valuable car brands in 2016.

Marks & Spencer

In a writeup on the importance of good brand purpose, this piece in Campaign highlights clothing company Marks & Spencer. Director of Sustainable Business Mike Barry discusses problems in purpose branding and how his company addresses them, namely the struggles in communicating purpose in a modern way to a mainstream audience. “An awful lot of advertising and marketing will remain about desirability, but it’s no longer just about asking people to buy a product based on functionality or sex appeal - there’s purpose in there as well.”


There might not be a company who better understands purpose than Unilever. The multinational consumer goods company says their purpose-driven brands grow at twice the rate compared to others in their portfolio. Huffington Post interviewed their CEO Paul Polman, who brought purpose-driven strategies to the forefront of the company in 2009.


TOMS epitomizes doing good. We chose TOMS as one of our Web Crushes for their One for One program, which is outlined in great detail on their website. When you buy one of their products, be it shoes or glasses, they provide the same product to a person in need. TOMS not only does good, it empowers the consumer to do good as well and provides a sense of accomplishment and togetherness with their purchase.  

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has a clear mission: to provide affordable travel through friendly skies - and they execute it to perfection. They do not let the customer’s happiness fall to the wayside in favor of lower price points - they found their purpose can bring satisfaction and profit, too. That’s why they topped airfarewatchdog’s customer satisfaction survey this year and continue to be one of the highest earning airlines in the country.


Each Tuesday we highlight a trend in purpose-driven strategies and branding, whether it be in hard, data-driven numbers or the psychology of happiness. Click on the links below to see this month’s trends.

Why Purpose Driven Companies are Often More Successful

Purpose-driven companies are not just pie-in-the-sky dreamers. They’re dominating markets and growing a rapidly faster rates than their counterparts. This article documents the trend and what companies are doing right in regards to their purpose.

Tom Rath on How to Live a Good Life

People are increasingly desperate for meaning, which is why it’s so important for companies to align their purpose with their consumers’. National best-selling author Tom Rath discusses the science behind how meaning makes people happy in this podcast we highly recommend.

When the Path to Purchase Becomes the Path to Purpose

Purpose and purchase go hand in hand. In this article, tech-giant Google explains how the traditional days of branding and advertising are over with a new trend emerging. Consumers’ have too many choices, and the only way to cut through the mess (and make money) is to have a clearly defined purpose.

Cody Kuiper