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Your brand is built on the relationships you have with the people you serve. How do people view your organization?



Our Brand Innovation Process helps organizations build a powerful brand foundation that is people centered, purpose driven and positioning aligned. Then we help organizations activate this vision through iterative advancement of targeted engagement and brand experience to make powerful connections with the people they serve.  


Brand innovation starts by understanding your organization’s relationship with the people you serve. Through research, stakeholder interviews and survey tools, we identify key segments and clarify what the past, present and future potential relationship looks like between your organization and these audiences. This creates the People Profile, a strategic document that sets the stage to build purposeful brand alignment across your organization.  

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Meaningful brand experiences are built on a clear sense of purpose that communicates the impact you hope to have on lives, communities and the world. We work with key stakeholders to capture the root foundations of purpose through surveys, interviews and workshop sessions. Then we align this purpose with your vision, mission, values and other organizing language to deliver the Purpose Platform, a document that inspires change.


We go beyond positioning for competitive differentiation, aligning your position with purpose to unlock the benefit of impact you hope to have in people’s lives. Through a collaborative process, we develop positioning statements for each segment and tie these into an umbrella position for your brand. The resulting Positioning Platform drives consistent, purpose-aligned engagement across all audiences, from customers to employees, investors and more.

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Based on the Purpose and Positioning Platforms, we align and design key brand building blocks. Architecture to clarify relationships between brand elements. Brand identity and visual design. Core messaging. Guidelines and standards. The outcome is the Brand Foundation Playbook, which drives consistent use and expression. To facilitate accessibility and version control, we put all content into an online brand management system.


With the Brand Foundation Playbook as a guide, we audit key brand communications and identify gaps in how your organization is currently communicating versus how it should with the refined direction. From this, priorities and plans are put in place, assessing resources and outlining a collaborative approach to make necessary changes. Will & Grail provides full project management, creative and production support to compliment your team.

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Targeted engagement starts with a deeper look at the people you serve and how they interact with your brand. We work with you to research and develop personas and journey maps for key segments. Then we apply the foundation of purpose and positioning to make sure you’re delivering a consistent and compelling brand story at each stage of the journey. The result is a Targeted Engagement Strategy that drives experience development.

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Effective brand experience makes powerful connections that shape the perception of key audiences. We apply the principles of design thinking to define, research, ideate, prototype and implement measurable campaigns and programs that integrate channels, concepts and calls to action. The Brand Foundation Platform and Targeted Engagement Strategy guide experience development that it targeted and aligned with purpose and positioning.

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Innovative brands evolve, connecting and communicating to shape perception over time. We subscribe to an iterative model of quarterly cycles for planning, implementing and measuring actions that build brand experience. We also believe in collaboration, partnering with clients to best use the expertise and resources available. And we measure the impact of brand building efforts with our proprietary research benchmark, Brand Believability®.


Common Questions


What is the theory behind your process?

Each step of our process uses researched and tested models that work together to visualize, plan and implement brand experiences based on how people see and interact with your brand. Understanding the people you serve is rooted in empathy, which is the first step in design thinking, a methodology useful in visualizing, prototyping and implementing transformational change. Our people-centered approach also fosters an outward mindset, which is key to organizational alignment around change initiatives that bring your brand to life.


Why focus our efforts around purpose?

There is significant research showing the power of purpose to drive transformational change and improved performance in organizations. It’s based on the deeply human desire to seek meaning and purpose in our lives. Political, economic, social and technological changes in our world have created an environment where balancing purpose and profits has taken on new importance. Organizations that understand this will build stronger relationships with the people that are key to the success of their business - customers, employees, investors and the community.


What types of companies have you helped?

We have worked with organizations across a wide range of business models and industries.  From global nonprofits and community foundations, to global and regional financial services companies, healthcare companies, government entities, manufacturers, professional services organizations and more. All organizations have a purpose and a story to tell. Finding that and connecting what you say and what you do builds powerful relationships with key audiences to drive success.  Our job is to help you get there.


What if we aren’t ready for the full Brand Innovation Process?

Building a purpose-driven brand takes time.  The organizations we work with are all in different stages of awareness and action along the continuum of change. Our process is a modular framework that can be adapted to the specific needs of an organization building on the value that exists and advancing key objectives to build momentum toward the ultimate goal of purpose-driven brand and business alignment.  The key is to commit to the powerful potential this process delivers, discuss where you are currently and determine the investment you want to make over time.  We’ll help you figure out how to utilize those resources to optimize impact.


How do you account for things we already have in place?

Valuable brand assets and equity exist in nearly all organizations. Rather than reinventing everything from scratch, our approach is to help you evolve over time, clarifying purpose and positioning and using this to change the story you tell to create powerful brand experiences that motivate and inspire. Based on the directional framework of the Brand Foundation Playbook, we can audit your existing communications and engagement experience, map the gaps and work with you to develop a plan of action to address inconsistencies.  


How do we get started?

Schedule a conversation with us to understand the potential and your current point-of-view toward embracing a purpose-driven approach to brand and business strategy. Based on this, we can recommend action items to get started using our process as a guide. Our goal is constant momentum, working with you to balance short- and long-term goals and demonstrate success along the way.


What questions do you have? Let us know.