Brand Believability®

Brand Believability is the standard organizations must aim for if they want to be viewed as having a meaningful purpose in the eyes of the world. It is the benchmark for how key audiences view your organization and the critical alignment of what you say and what you do.



Identify the gaps

Brand Believability is a benchmarking assessment program that measures how key audiences view an organization through the lens of meaningful purpose. The program conducts qualitative and quantitative research to identify internal and external perceptions of the profound, positive impact organizations make on lives, communities and the world.

Understanding the gaps between organizational intent and how the external world views your brand is critical. The Brand Believability program is deployed to internal or external audiences and can include digital and experiential testing, as well as competitive benchmarking.


What to expect

Through the Brand Believability assessment, organizations uncover actionable insights to shape purposeful changes to brand and business strategy. Below is a sample of themes uncovered by our assessment program.

  • Organizational impact viewed on lives, communities and the world

  • Organizational inconsistency in communication, dilution of brand message

  • Positive and negative brand perception

  • Unfulfilled potential of brand impact

  • Validation of internal confusion regarding a company’s purpose

  • Confirmation employees belief in an organization’s purpose

Brand Believability Report

Industry Overview.


2016 Presidential Race.

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