What Is Brand Believability?

As a society, we are waking up to the need and desire to build companies that focus on both profitability and purpose. Research abounds, showing that purpose-driven brands outperform their peers - from customer acquisition and loyalty, to recruitment and retention, broader community support and financial growth. But why?

Brand Believability™ is a proprietary methodology developed by Will & Grail to measure and understand the factors that influence market perception of a brand’s alignment with purpose. It does it by gathering quantitative and qualitative input that measures the believability of a brand from the aspect of purpose. In short, will the brand make a positive impact on lives, communities and the world? Measuring this allows us to assess whether a brand has purpose, and if it’s acting based on this in the brand relationships it builds with key audiences.

2016 Industry Overview

Organizations that have identified and communicate their core purpose enjoy improved customer acquisition, more engaged employees and stronger financial performance. But even the biggest brands have issues with how consumers view their impact and values. Download our 2016 Industry Overview to see how the Believability of 15 major organizations is impacted by consumer perception.

2016 Presidential Election Report

Everything we experience in life is through brand relationships. The companies we do business with or work for. The charities we support. The schools we attend, and the candidates we vote for. Download our report on the 2016 Presidential candidates and their parties.

Read our analysis of how Brand Believability scores compared to exit poll data here.

Is Brand Believability Right For Me?

To see how Brand Believability can help your organization understand how it’s perceived by key audiences, contact us. Your brand is your entire company seen from the world’s point of view. Do you know how believable you are?

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