August Social Media Roundup

Throughout the week on social media we provide insightful blogs, trends surrounding purpose and some of our favorite examples of purpose-driven companies. Here’s a roundup of some our our posts in the month of August. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to see these and stay up to date!


What My Kids Taught Me By Asking “Why”

Children can drive you crazy asking “Why” to no end. But their curiosity might actually be the most valuable lesson you can learn from them.

“Then What?” A Big Audacious Question

Your organization has figured out its Big Audacious Meaning, and that’s fantastic. After that, someone has to be brave enough to ask, “Then what?”

A Rational Explanation of My Irrationality

When you’re communicating brand purpose, it’s important to remember you’re talking to the heart, not the brain.

Killer Strategy: Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Why does wearing your heart on your sleeve connote such negative behavior? Having passionate workers who do just that could be the best thing for your organization.

We Need to Get the Words Right

Everyone can write. Not everyone cane write well. Why does wearing your heart on your sleeve connote such negative behavior? It takes good editing to communicate with deep meaning and inspire others. 


Each Tuesday we highlight a trend in purpose-driven strategies and branding. By taking a look into the hard, data-driven research we can see the tangible benefits a purpose-driven organization enjoys. Click on the links below to see this month’s trends.

We Want Purpose

This group of trends show consumers are more likely to be loyal to purpose-driven companies and that they want their purchases to further causes they believe in.

Paying a Premium

Some executives worry if their purpose leads to more expensive products they might alienate consumers, but this survey shows shoppers are more amenable than you might think.

Consumers’ Expectations

It’s no longer an added bonus if a company offers socially conscious products - it’s the expectation.


These days it seems to be all about the millennials, but the boomers aren’t falling by the wayside. This study shows they’re the most purpose-oriented age-group - the type of workers you want in your organization.


Reaching for a larger purpose won’t solve all your problems - but it will make your job more enjoyable, according to this trend.


Every Wednesday, we let the world know who we’re crushing on. These organizations - our web crushes - have identified their core purpose, communicated it clearly and executed it flawlessly on their website. Here is a list of companies we crushed on in the month of August, click through the links to check them out.

Swiss International Air Lines

This site takes you on a figurative journey about the Swiss airline’s purpose and a literal journey through the skies of the Alps. Scroll through its gorgeous homepage to learn about the values the company brings to the forefront.


On 8/17, we found ourselves crushing on IDEO, an organization offering free design work for poverty-stricken areas. Check out their beautiful site detailing their programs to help poor and vulnerable communities.

Humans For Humans

Scroll through this awareness campaign from Raising the Roof to see their wonderfully well-organized site, which tells the personal stories of problematic discourse surrounding homelessness and how we can change it.

Kate Spade

This Web Crush was not a website, but an email one of our team members received from Kate Spade. In it they offer new bags as part of their "On Purpose" social enterprise program to financial empower the female Rwandan artisans who make the products. Take a look at the story detailing the impact of their "On Purpose" collection.


We fell in love with the story behind the sunglasses company Sunski and the purpose of living life outside driving the company. They also donate one percent of their annual revenue to organizations working to improve and conserve the environment. Take a look at their story here.


Cody Kuiper