Creating brand experiences that help a community prosper together


The Challenge

First Federal Bank of Kansas City was expanding its presence in the area. But it lacked the brand recognition to make an impact in a crowded market and a position that truly communicated the value it provides.

The Solution

We partnered with First Federal to refresh the bank’s brand and build purpose-driven brand experiences that show communities that we can all prosper together.

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Spurred by an acquisition that helped grow its footprint, First Federal Bank was able to reach communities across the Kansas City area. As a mutual bank, First Federal is owned by its customers and profits are reinvested back into the bank. That gives it the working capital to provide solid home loans and build reserves for the future. And it helps fulfill the bank’s mission of building strong communities.

In order to make an impact in an already crowded market, First Federal needed a way to stand out from both local, regional and national banks - and clearly communicate the value it provides to customers and communities.


A purpose-driven brand

We guided First Federal through our process to refine its reason for existing the impact it seeks to make in the community. The bank already had a solid foundation of purpose-driven intent but needed a refreshed look, feel and way to talk about itself. Our process helped the bank develop a consistent way for how it would communicate that message to customers, prospects, employees, the community and more.


“Our purpose is bigger than profit. It’s about giving back to the people and communities we serve. So we can all prosper together.”



Bringing brand to life

With a brand foundation established, we worked with First Federal to roll it out across key audiences at the right time. Employees are a critical audience for the activation of a purpose-driven brand with external groups, so they were an integral part of the rollout before it was brought to the public. With employees bought-in, we worked with First Federal to develop brand experiences that help customers and prospects move down the path toward greater financial success. Including everything from improved banking center experiences to a refreshed website focused on helping visitors master their money.

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