Which Kansas City company has the most believable brand?

New research highlights consumer perception of local organizations

Research continues to show consumers are more attracted to brands that balance profits with meaningful purpose. They’re more likely to buy from a company that shows it makes a difference. And they’re more likely to switch brands to one that showcases a meaningful purpose.

Brand Believability® is the standard organizations must aim for if they want to be viewed as having a meaningful purpose in the eyes of the world. It’s the benchmark for how key audiences view your organization and the critical alignment of what you say and what you do.

We surveyed Kansas City consumers to learn more about how they perceive the meaningful purpose of for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Download the Kansas City Brand Believability report to learn:

  • How consumers view the impact of brands on lives, communities and the world

  • How buyer perception can influence a brand’s believability and perceived impact

  • Why purpose-driven business and brand strategies are key to transformational change

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