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Thanks for taking the Purpose Potential Assessment. We have sent your score to the email address you provided. The Purpose Potential Assessment measures how well you and your organization understand and act on purpose. So what does your score mean? Every company is different and perspectives can vary across an organization. Based on common theories of trend adoption, your Purpose Potential Assessment score places your company into one of three categories.


Early Adopter - 80 to 100 points

Early Adopter organizations typically display a high level of understanding related to the trends and potential of purpose-driven brand and business strategy. There is a higher likelihood that the company has a defined sense of purpose and is committed to strategically considering its importance in planning activities. They also have a higher likelihood of purpose-driven alignment in their internal and external communications and interactions. Early Adopter organizations typically benefit from making sure there is a consistent and accurate view of the potential of purpose across the organization and looking for ways to close the gap of brand believability through more consistent alignment in strategy across the organization and more consistent activation of brand purpose messaging among key audiences.



Emerging majority - 50 to 79 points

Emerging Majority organizations have taken steps to understand and act on purpose-driven brand and business strategy, but are not as advanced as Early Adopter companies. Emerging Majority companies typically have an understanding of trends and potential. There is interest and possible action toward defining a core sense of purpose and incorporating it in strategic discussions and planning activities.  Emerging Majority organizations typically benefit from fully exploring and defining their core purpose and gaining commitment across the organization to incorporate it in brand and business strategy. They may also be in the process of identifying areas that could benefit from communicating a clear sense of purpose.



Laggard - 0 to 49 points

Laggard organizations have made little or no effort to understand the trends and potential of purpose-based brand and business strategy. There has typically been no organized effort to define the core purpose that defines why the organization exists and the impact they want to have on lives, communities and the world.  Without exploration and definition of core purpose, Laggard organizations do not have a strategic framework to align around brand purpose to build stronger relationships with key audiences.  Laggard organizations typically benefit from education to understand the trends and then using that to gain support for an initiative to bring key stakeholders together to define its core purpose. This would lead to securing organizational commitment to bring the purpose to life, through the strategic engagement of internal and external audiences. 



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