Does your story have Brand Believability for your employees and recruits?


When we ask leaders if they believe their organization has a purpose, we almost always get a “yes.” It’s natural. Almost every company establishes a core belief or some higher ideal at its inception. Many of these leaders we talk with will point to the vision or mission statement of their organization.

When we ask employees if they believe the organization has a purpose, the answers aren’t so clear-cut. We may get a “I think so.” More often than not, it’s a “I’m not sure.”

Why should we care about a purpose disconnect?

When people feel like they are part of something larger than themselves, it triggers a broad spectrum of desirable outcomes. I wrote about it in the first post in this series. Recruiting becomes easier. Productivity and retention go up. And the overall performance of the organization rises.

This clear sense of purpose becomes an invaluable asset for any organization. As such, it becomes crucial to understand how we can take advantage of everything it can do for us. That starts with us identifying the disconnects and then understanding why those disconnects exist.

Minding the gaps

A benchmarking assessment program can measure how key audiences view your organization through the lens of purpose, looking at the critical alignment of what you say and what you do. It can be deployed to understand the perception of an audience or to test understanding through brand experiences (such as your audiences’ experience on your website or in your physical locations).

By conducting this study, you can identify the gaps that exist. With that understanding, we can develop a plan to address the disconnects and to strengthen the alignment in in order to take full advantage of the power of your organization's purpose.

Achieving Brand Believability®

Brand Believability is the standard organizations must aim for if they want to be viewed as having a meaningful purpose in the eyes of the world. It sets the benchmark for how key audiences view your organization and the critical alignment of what you say and what you do.

We have been deploying our Brand Believability assessment for organizations to analyze this critical gap that exists in the majority of organizations. Brand Believability is the only methodology developed to understand and measure your brand purpose – the profound positive impact your organization has on lives, communities, and the world.

Through quantitative and qualitative input, the study assesses the potential of your brand purpose. And points the way to unlocking that potential to transform the success of your business.

PurposeDan Salva