Giving people the power to move beyond worrying and focus on living



The Challenge

GEHA, a health insurance company, was launching a line of supplemental insurance products.

The Solution

We partnered with GEHA to create a purpose-driven brand that made buying insurance easy, giving people the power to move beyond worrying about putting things on hold so they can fully explore the possibilities this life offers.


GEHA offers health insurance to government employees and was expanding its offering to include supplemental insurance products, like life, accident and disability insurance. These new products would be sold without a sales team - making it vitally important that GEHA’s new offering had a website that could entice, educate and convert customers.

GEHA also needed to overcome a mental hurdle in the minds of prospects. No one likes to think about what would happen if they’re injured or even worse. So GEHA would need to find a way to engage prospects and get them thinking about whether they’re prepared for everything from an injury that keeps them away from work or how their loved ones would cope with a death in the family.


A new kind of insurance company

When we started with GEHA, we knew it already had a strong passion for helping its members find the insurance product that’s right for them. And we knew it was critical to building a brand that would make the process of buying insurance feel empowering. That instead of doing something to protect yourself in the event of something bad, that you were really giving yourself freedom from worry should that ever happen. This type of mindset was the only way to get people thinking about something as dire as a critical injury or death.


“We believe that incredible possibilities lie ahead. And we are on nothing short of a quest to help you make the most of this adventure we call life.”


Helping people embrace the future

With a brand foundation rooted in the purpose of helping people explore all the possibilities of life, we set out to make buying insurance online something that was incredibly intuitive and surprisingly uncomplicated to understand, select and personalize the insurance that’s right for you. That led us to create an interactive tool that asked questions in an easy and sometimes fun way to help find the right insurance products for your situation. And we helped GEHA go the extra step and keep customers connected with great ideas and tools that help amplify this life.

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