Helping growers bring more to the table


The Challenge

Compass Minerals’ premium potassium fertilizer was a hit in the marketplace but lacked a brand and differentiated position that highlights its many benefits.

The Solution

We worked with Compass to develop the Protassium+ brand, which highlighted the product’s benefits, as well as respected the role growers and distributors play in putting food on our tables.



Compass Minerals had a premium potassium fertilizer product with a history of strong performance in the marketplace. The product was a hit with farmers who grew crops like potatoes, almonds, citrus fruits, onions, and more. But it lacked a brand name and any meaningful differentiation in the market, beyond features and benefits.

Even without a purpose-driven position, Compass was already delivering incredibly valuable information and insight to growers. It was creating and distributing content that helped growers better tap into the power of the fertilizer, maximizing yields and the financial performance of their operation.


Sprouting a brand purpose

To start the process, we worked with Compass to gain a deep understanding of the needs and pain points of growers and distributors, who often play a crucial role in the sales process. By understanding their mindset throughout the buying process, we gained valuable insight into the real value the product provided and how we could help Compass communicate that.


“For growers who hold their operations to the highest standard, Compass Minerals is your indispensable plant nutrition resource.”


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Bringing more to the table

We helped Compass build the Protassium+ brand, giving subtle nods to the product's roots (potassium) and its premium benefits. Central to the brand was paying respect the role of growers and distributors in helping feed the world. They use and advocate for Protassium+ because they see the benefits in yield increases and financial performance - bringing more to the table for all of us. The “indispensable plant nutrition resource” was further backed by online and offline insight and information on how to maximize all the benefits of the product.

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