WaterEquity is an innovation of, a nonprofit driven by their mission to end the global water crisis in our lifetime. Our team worked to develop the branding and website that tells the stories of the lives made better by WaterEquity, a lending program to help bring water and dignity to help bring water and dignity to people around the world.


Truman Heartland Community Foundation

Truman Heartland Community Foundation has been known as the leader in philanthropy and charitable giving in Eastern Jackson County for more than 30 years. Our work designing their annual reports, programs and direct marketing campaigns allows them to communicate their accomplishments and continue to spread their message to larger audiences and maximize their profound, positive impact on their community.

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Kansas Action For Children

Kansas Action for Children is a nonprofit advocating for public policy that helps children. Facing a need to present an easy way for parents to get access to a toolkit that helps them teach their kids healthy habits, we provided a solution with an easy to navigate landing page and downloadable infographics.